The northwest winters can be especially hard on your lawn and landscape. Bringing your lawn back to life after a harsh winter season can be a tough job. Competition's lawn maintenance programs start in the spring, with controlling snow mold with herbicide, power raking, and lawn aeration. During the summer we continue with a weekly mow, and a tapering schedule in the fall keeping your lawn buff all the way until winter. Our pricing is based on size, complexity, and location so contact us today for a quote. 

When your lawn needs more than just a mow due to lack of nutrition, disease, insect infestation or just plain old pesky weeds we can help. We have been licensed in chemical application since 2003 and specialize in organic treatments.


Proper tree pruning can be an art and a daunting task. No need to attempt this task yourself, you can actually damage your tree, even if your intentions are the best. Sometimes trees have more than just a lack of pruning. They can become infested with insects or disease. These can be life-threatening problems for your tree and need to be treated. Contact us today for an assessment.



A sprinkler system can be a huge pain. Let us do the dirty work whether it be a broken line, head, or complete overhaul of the system we have the experience to tackle your problem. 
When the time of year comes around for sprinkler blowouts give us a call and avoid extensive damage to your system later.

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